Our Chemistry


Our facilities and our background in the synthesis of complex organic compounds allow us to offer to our customers a wide range of synthetic processes applicable industrial-wise.

Generic Organic Synthesis process Specific type process Generic Organic Synthesis process Specific type process
Acetylation Acetylchloride, acetic anhydride Formylation Phosphorous Oxychloride
Acylation O-Acylation, N-Acylation, Sulfonylation, Friedel-Crafts Acylation. Halogenation Aromatic and Aliphatic Bromination and Chlorinations Acyl Halide formations.
Acid Chloride Handling Acetyl Chloride. Heterocyclic Ring Closure Hantsch 1,4 Dihydropyridines Synthesis, Fischer Indole synthesis.
Aldo Condensation Benzaldehyde. Hydrogenation Hydrogen, Catalyst, Rreductive. Amination. Ethylamine.
Alkylation N-Alkylation, O-Alkylation, S-Alkylation, Eschweilwer-Clarke react. Hydrolysis Ester hydrolisis, Amide hydrolisis.
Amination Delépine reaction, Reductive Amination. Iodination Iodine, Sodium Iodine.
Aromatic Substitution Aromatic halogenation. Leuckart reaction Ammonium formate.
Bromination Bromine. Mannich Reaction Paraformaldehyde.
Carbamoylation Amines and Carbamoyl Chloride Derivatives. . Metal Hydride Reductions Sodium Aluminium Hydride, Sodium Borohydride.
Carboxylation Carbon dioxide. Nitration Nitric Acid and Sulphuric Acid Mixture.
Chloromethylation Forladehyde and Hydrogen chloride. Nitrogen Heterocyclics Indoles, Pyridines, 1,4-Dihydropyridines.
Chlorosulfonation Chlorosulfonic acid. Oxidation Aromatization, Dehydrogenation.
Chlorination Chlorine gas, Phosphorous Oxychloride etc. Phase Transfer Catalysis Benzyl Triethylammonium chloride.
Cyclization Hantsch 1,4 Dihydropyridines Synthesis, Fischer indole synthesis. Pirrole Chemistry Heterocyclic Substitution.
Decarboxylation Sulfuric Acid. Rearrangement Baker-Ventakaraman rearrangement, Fries rearrangement Schleyer adamantization
Dehydration Sulfuric Acid, Double-bond formation. Reduction Low pressure Hydrogenations.
Delepine Reaction Hexamethylene tetramine. Reductive amination Ketones and Aldehydes.
Diels-Alder reaction Maleic anhydre. Transesterification Methyl Esters and Higher Alcohols.
Elimination Dehydration, Aromatization. Saponification Sodium Hydroxide.
Esterification Alcohol and Carboxylic Acid. Sulfur Chemistry Thiol formation. Sulfoxide Formation.
Etherification Alkoxide or Aroxide and Alkyl Halide. Vilsmeier-Haack Acylation Phosphorous oxychloride.
Freidel Crafts reactions Aluminium Trichloride. Wittig Reaction Triphenylphosphine.